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Travelogue Part Six: A month in Myanmar

HR Acupuncturist gets as much as she gives in trip to Myanmar

Passport — check.

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Travelogue, Part 5: ‘Hogar de Ninos’ in Guatemala

In C. America, Muellers bring support, and witness the ample ‘love, hope and joy’ in faces of children

As we touched down on the wet runway on that early spring day of 2014, I was reminded once again why my wife Lynda and I just landed in Guatemala City, the largest city in all of Central America.

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Travelogue part four: Learning yoga by sacred Ganges

My mother and I hopped off the plane in New Delhi, India, and were submerged into a new world. The sun beat down on our skin at 110 degrees and our ears filled with sounds of cars honking and loud voices speaking a language we didn’t know. It was only a tad different from Hood River. A slight breeze in India feels like a miracle, whereas a breeze in Oregon is a reason to bundle up more.

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Travelogue Part Three: Global Health Outreach, in India Brauers provide varied health care and instruction

On the high plains of inner Mongolia,

On a chilly morning last October, I awakened with a start, hardly realizing where I was.

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Travelogue part two: Making friends in Kumari, Nepal

Jim Haun and Jim Pennington learn ways to sustain Kumari connection

On the morning of Dec. 1, seven of us and our driver piled into our rented Land Cruiser, including Jagat Lama and his two top associates, Chet and Chaundra, and the Kumari clinic pharmacist, in Kathmandu to visit his young son who was ill.

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Travelogue part one: A week on the Rio Maranon

Drew and Christie Eastman take on Peru’s ‘Grand Canyon' of the Amazon

Standing at the bottom of canyon walls that tower hundreds of feet above the river, staring at a maelstrom of whitewater knowing that it would be the biggest rapid we had ever run, and having been told that there was no way to walk around the exploding chaos named Shapalmonte, we studied the rapid intently while walking back to our kayaks.

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Cold, yet keen for a new aviary perspective

It’s a brisk 30 degrees outside, but the sun is shining.

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Calling on Cuba

M.D. Van Valkenburgh, who toured in 1997, praises move to normalize relations with long-isolated nation

On a lark some years ago, The Dalles attorney M.D. Van Valkenburgh went to Cuba.

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The state of State: Urban Renewal is complete

For the last two Augusts, State Street was a mess.

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The Art of Christmas

Nine kids, nine visions

Look to the Christmas Carols special section in this edition for the annual presentation of kids’ holiday drawings.

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Annual questions: 7-year-olds talk about life now and what is ahead

Tracks to '26

“Tracks to ‘26,” a yearly inquiry into what drives and inspires six young hearts and minds, returns for Installment 2 of 13.

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A golden anniversary

Charlotte Arnold celebrates 50 years teaching tap in Hood River

“ONE and TWO and THREE and FOUR!”

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It's A Wonderful Life

In words, music and sound effects, CAST recreates '40s radio play

Take a step back in time- be a part of a live radio show audience for the CAST Theater production of “It’s A Wonderful Life” at Columbia Center for the Arts Dec. 6-20. Sponsored by Jeff Sacre of Director’s Mortgage and Ruby Mason of Windermere Realty this is the first performance of the play in the Columbia River Gorge.

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Urban logging: Crews keep busy as beetle-kill trees become neighborhood hazards

When a tree falls in an urban wood, many people hear it.

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Cliffhanger Cooperation

Teamwork and training pay off as Crag Rats and plenty of friends rescue runaway youth

Summertime training came in handy in wintry conditions last week on a Hood River cliff’s edge.