Letters to the Editor for Dec. 13

Walden crossed the line; What is a tree?; more

Off the Rails: Protest oil train regulation rollback

Gorge residents should be outraged at a decision by the federal government that puts us all in danger.

Hood River Bridge replacement: Understanding the WHATs

Replacing the Hood River/White Salmon Interstate Bridge, spanning a federal waterway, connecting two states, and likely costing over $250 million is a complex and risky undertaking. Recent letters to the editor reflect the understandable desire to replace the bridge, and do it quickly. The port shares this objective.

Happiness Month profile: Slowing down with ‘The Daily Three’

Stress is no stranger to Caitlin Alcott, a young mother with a 3-year-old son and 5-week-old daughter. In her “other life,” as she puts it, she is a hydrologist, or river scientist, doing work in salmon habitat restoration.

Letters to the Editor for Dec. 9

Just so you know; Keep lands; ‘Cherish wonders’

Good Cheer: Small adjustments keep help flowing

Flags Lowered: Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day

The holiday “gusher” that erupted at the Dec. 1 Hood River tree lighting ceremony might serve as a metaphor.

Editor's Notebook: A modest, six-figure solution to NCAA coaching salary excess

Willie walks out, opportunity walks in.

Letters to the Editor, Dec. 6

Bum steer?, Demand action, more

Gorge Happiness Month: ‘Forced’ at first, one man finds the Daily Three ‘worth the effort’

Bandwidth is commonly an issue for John Roberts. As Hood River County’s community development director, the dad of our two children — plus a new puppy — and a volunteer for a number of local organizations, he’s pretty busy (as most of us are).

Letters to the Editor for Dec. 2

A slur against all; Outraged; more

Happiness Month: Gratitudes and government: putting ‘100 percent love’ to work

Politics and city management can boil anyone’s tea kettle over. For Mosier Mayor Arlene Burns, it’s more about creating an environment in which you truly want to live

Letters to the Editor for Nov. 29 edition

Tolls for new bridge; Focus the blame; more

‘Every, every minute’: lessons from wearing the Happiness Lens

It’s 1963, and I’m in Mrs. Fridley’s first grade class in Salsipuedes Elementary School in Watsonville, Calif. I’ve been handed a thin piece of 8 1/2 by 11 pulpy muddy-white paper, set on a landscape view, the top half empty for a drawing, the bottom half set with wide pale blue lines.

Letters to the Editor for Nov. 25

Profits, not jobs; Port priorities?; more

Local Lure: This holiday, help your community by spending close to home

In the 2011, book “Visit From the Good Squad,” writer Jennifer Egan envisions a future when social media and other cultural interactions and behavior mean certain words and phrases, including friend, change, and identity, become “word husks” — “words that no longer have meaning in English outside of quotation marks, drained of life by their web usage.”