Letters to the Editor for April 22

Call 811, you dig?, Healthcare should be bi-partisan, Walden sighting, more

Letters to the Editor for April 19

Items needed; ‘Prepare for the future’; Thanks for ‘Maine’; more

Another Voice -- A challenge to Hood River: Call to unity

Hood River: We have a problem that deserves reflection.

Letters to the Editor for April 15

Visit Morrison Park; Same protections; ‘Beat and Greet’; more

Another Voice: Take a stand, CGCC board: a sanctuary for us all

My earliest memory of the word “sanctuary” is my memory of the many times as a child when I walked up to the sanctuary of our church, along with so many others — rich and poor, locals and foreigners, old and young, conservative and progressive — to approach a place where we broke bread together.

Letters to the Editor for April 12

‘Rockwood River’?; Rules have changed; ‘Let us be angry’; more

Letters to the Editor for April 8

One week not enough; Goldfish and consent; Because he can; more

Letters to the Editor for April 5

Children’s Park piggy bank pledge; Keep the structure; Trump’s waste; more

Letters to the Editor: ‘It’s on us ...’

‘Encouraged’; Support victims; Be ‘upstanders’

Town hall will go on, with or without Walden

On April 8, constituents from Oregon’s Second Congressional District will attend a town hall to bring forward their concerns about issues affecting them and their neighbors.

Letters to the Editor for April 1

Moral imperative; Takes 10 seconds; more

‘It’s On Us’: April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month

Students and staff at Hood River Valley High School have been raising awareness of sexual assault with the “It’s On Us-Hood River” campaign.

‘It does happen here’: We should never stop raising awareness of sexual assault

On March 8, International Women’s Day, a father-like friend of mine sent me (and his other female friends) an email: “A salute to you on your day, at the same time that I rale at the notion of 'a day.' Yours are 24/7 lives, 365 day years, and a sisterhood. You are so much more than [a] Woman’s Day. I, for one, am the beneficiary.”

Letters to the Editor for March 29

Seeking letters; Schizophrenia and murder; Spring has come; more

Editor’s Notebook: Those letters, ‘stupid’ or not, keep the conversations going

Last week I received a letter from a Hood River retiree who chided me for typos and other journalistic deficiencies, and for my occasional practice of writing about that fact that I enjoy sending letters and postcards. That’s fine, happy for the feedback, and everyone is entitled to their opinion.