Letters to the editor for Jan. 17

Letters to the editor for Jan. 17

Another Voice: ID cards part of ‘safe and supportive community’

Gorge Ecumenical Ministries weigh in on a photo ID proposal.

Letters to the editor for Jan. 13

Letters to the editor for Jan. 13.

Another Voice: Dreamers: why tear families apart when it is destructive and not needed?

Over the past 25 years; while working at The Next Door, I visited families with new babies.

Letters to the Editor for Jan. 10

What will it take?; Yes on 101; more

Another Voice: Yes on Measure 101: Supporting my patients, neighbors, and community

I’m a physician in Hood River. My business and passion is taking care of my patients — all ages, all incomes, large and small medical needs, acute and chronic, physical and mental, from preventive to end-of-life. I don’t have the chops or inclination to be a journalist, but those same patients and neighbors often need policy advocacy to ensure even basic access to medical care. So, on their behalf, let me explain why I, and the vast majority of Oregon’s medical community, want to make sure Measure 101 gets passed this month.

Letters to the Editor for Jan. 6 edition

‘A-ha’; No on 101; more

Editor's Notebook: Counteract Trump’s crass attacks on our body politic

With every New Year’s greeting, we were fooling ourselves.

Letters to the Editor for Jan. 3

Girls Up bike mission succeeds; Keep it local; more

More bottles, cans now have a refund value

The list of beverage containers having a 10 cent refund value is increasing, and that is a good thing for three local non-profits which use the refund money for community activities.

Superintendent sends ‘proud’ mid-year message to staff

I hope you are all enjoying the holiday break and plan to ring in the New Year tonight with the people you love.

Dear Readers: Thanks for Writing

2017 Letters

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Thanks for writing

This was not an average year for letters to the editor.

Editor's notebook: Rich finds in a year of novels

“Hate was just a failure of imagination.”

Letters to the Editor for Dec. 27

Happy Holidays; Bridge bargains; more