Letters to the Editor for Sept. 23 edition

Bridge toll tie-ups; Clearcut sidestep; more

Editor’s Notebook: Helping kids be better readers is a SMART move

I won an award and haven’t even bragged about it to my brothers.

Another Voice: Finding ‘Best of All Worlds’ in the area of cell tower permit requests

Who doesn’t want their cell phone to have a strong signal, with lots of bars?

Letters to the Editor for Sept. 20 edition

A fine example; Thankful; New bridge needed; more

‘Overwhelming enthusiasm’: Community comes together for firefighters

Our community responded with overwhelming enthusiasm last week after the Hood River News asked for items of need for our fire crews and emergency responders.

Letters to the Editor, Sept. 16 edition

History Lesson; 9-11-01, more

Another Voice: Eagle Creek Fire: The Gorge will recover

It’s all too easy to do Monday morning quarter backing as to what should have been done. The Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area is a complex mosaic of ownership and management responsibilities. The 292,500 acre land base includes wilderness, state parks and national forest lands and about 50 percent of the scenic area in private ownership. Management of scenic area lands is divided between the U.S. Forest Service, Columbia River Gorge Commission, counties and state and federal agencies such as State Parks and Bonneville Power Administration.

Letters to the Editor for Sept. 13

‘Illegal’ battle, Snap-ing to it, Poor notice

Another Voice: The unDACAmented status

Although Donald Trump had pledged to reverse Obama’s executive orders on immigration during his presidential campaign, the president had softened and showed some “heart” for the DREAMERs protected under DACA, or Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals. However, the president has callously decided to terminate the irenic DACA program that temporarily deferred deportations for nearly 800,000 young immigrants who were brought to the U.S. as children. The president’s final decision on DACA was delivered on Sept. 5 by the Attorney General Jeff Sessions, one of the leading opponents of DACA. Sessions emphasized that the government will no longer accept new applications from undocumented immigrants to shield them from deportation.

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Another Voice: Let’s not listen to rumors or scare talk

A few months ago, here’s what former U.S. Surgeon General Vivek Murphy had to say about the populace in the United States:

Seasonal carousel: do not change the page on your calendar …

Editor’s Notebook

Things are confusing, with smoke filling the air and cool temps inverting like fall on the heels of summer heat.

Letters to the Editor for Sept. 9 edition

Businesses threatened; Walden must work for planet; more

Another Voice: Call on Greg Walden to support Dream Act of 2017

The thing that scared many folks in our community the most about a Trump presidency has happened.

Letters to the Editor for Sept. 6 edition

Prevent suicide; Drive safely; more