Sign Code: ‘Signs, signs, everywhere a yard sign …’

Election Filing: Monday’s the final day

What if all your hard-earned garage sale proceeds went to paying off a city fine for those signs you illegally stuck on power poles?

Letters to the Editor for Aug. 20

Lot benefits only Meadows; Johnson supports education; Questionable claims; more

Letters to the Editor

'Novel idea'; Who gets noticed?; Leave dogs at home

Editorial: The sweet Looking beyond the bitter

This is the season of the bittersweet. Minds are on the return to school, a fact favored by parents and regretted by most kids. This is the time of year when wind sports enthusiasts are still looking for a good ride, but typically see glassy water. The lack of moving air aggravates the already warm temperatures.

Letters to the Editor for Aug. 13

Helis, not dogs; Heads up, Dems; Respect earned; more

Round Table: Taking a deep breath and offering some advice about the Fair

Overheard, father to son, at the 2014 Hood River County Fair: “In this case, the carnival is part of the fair, but there doesn’t need to be a carnival on for there to be a fair.”

Jim Drake’s Entertainment Blog: Perfectly good Broken Down Guitars

Musicians are known for breaking things. The other week, I helped out my friends in the Liberty Bond Jug Band, a band, by the way, that technically shouldn’t even need electricity to play music — and by the end of the gig, we had one questionably-functioning pre-amp and another guitar with only five strings left.

Letters to the Editor for Aug. 9

Health centers serve; MH lot an ill fit; Lot fills ‘dire’ need

Filing time: Candidates needed in Hood River and Cascade Locks

Flags Lowered: Firefighter Matthew Goodnature

Gentle reminder, for anyone who’s ever considered a run for local public office.

ANOTHER VOICE: Can Oregon overcome its drug problem?

The United States consumes 83 percent of the world’s oxycodone and 99 percent of its hydrocodone, according to a 2010 International Narcotics Control Board report. These are all generally classified as potent painkillers and sedatives and used for a wide variety of medical needs such as pain control, anxiety and depression.

Letters to the editor for Aug. 6

RC strives to be good neighbors; Friends of whom?; more

Teen health: This month, schedule a checkup and clearance for sports

Those “Back to School” sale signs are not the only thing telling us that the school season is on its way back.

Families in the Park return Aug. 7

Music, sponsors and fundraising schedule

Aug. 7 — Families in the Park: Radical Revolution (‘80s genre gems), 6-9 p.m. at Jackson Park, 13th and May Streets, Hood River. Toy Gun Conspiracy open. Fajitas will be served by Eye Openers Lions Club, raising money for sight and hearing. Free concert sponsored by Griffith Motors, Northwest Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine, Bruce Burton DMD, Lions Eye Openers, Rotary of Hood River.

Letters to the editor for Aug. 2

Thanks for art; Not convinced; more

ANOTHER VOICE: Legislation would turn LEED certification even greener

Earlier this summer, I attended the dedication ceremony for Insitu’s new production facility at Bingen Point. Not only will this building play a key role in the future of tech manufacturing in our area, but it meets high standards for energy efficiency and sustainability, and qualified for a high score by LEED for its construction and design.