Letters to the Editor for Feb. 14

Oil train concerns; Appreciation for ‘Props’; Bumper sticker humor

Tide Out: Kitzhaber’s shell game must stop

By now, the wave building toward the Salem beach has probably crashed.

Letters to the Editor for Feb. 11

‘Pulpit props’ in letters, Watch for pedestrians; ‘I am schizophrenic’; Work with Republicans

Project Graduation: It’s ‘only’ February, but still the season to support an important program

The unseasonably warm weather we’ve seen points us even earlier than usual toward spring.

Jim Drake’s Entertainment Blog: Deep soul and rare records: Ural Thomas and the Pain plays HR

A unique R&B-soul band is coming to Hood River on Friday, Feb. 13, and even if you’re superstitious, we should be treating this show like it’s our lucky day.

Letters to the Editor for Feb. 7

Walden’s two faces; Community immunity

Tease photo

Danger Zone: Improvement or impairment?

The amenities and upgrades on State Street are visible now that the Urban Renewal streetscape project is done: new pavement, better and wider sidewalks, underground utilities, landscaping, and pedestrian plazas featuring benches, drinking fountains, and more.

Editor's notebook: Running into the ‘what-if motif’ and trying not to nickel-and-dime the odds

A recent visit to Eugene took me to some interesting intersections, figuratively and literally.

Letters to the Editor for Feb. 4

E-fixated danger; Duck pond; Vaccination; more

Voting rolls: Give automatic DMV method a pass, for now

Driverless cars may be a thing of the future, but do we need more clueless voters?

Sunday drinking: Keep The Beast on the field; after halftime, pass the dessert

Football fans around Oregon are gearing up for this weekend’s Super Bowl match-up on Sunday as our neighbors to the north defend their title in the big event.

Letters to the Editor for Jan. 31

Services denied; Road suggestion; more

Letters to the Editor for Jan. 28

Protect water rights; State Street concerns; Punchbowl questions

Editor’s notebook: Two bits on XLIX and 50

Who thinks about the football?

It all makes sense to me!

I would like to extend an apology to Rep. Greg Walden and his wife, Mylene, for a tasteless joke I made at their expense in my last published column.