Letters to the Editor for May 27

Open Spaces, Choose division or decline, Why did you walk away, Greg?, more

Letters to the Editor for May 24

NORCOR vote; Great school music; more

AP fact check: Trump claims on Russia probe aren’t adding up

WASHINGTON (AP) — Some things aren’t adding up in President Donald Trump’s account of the investigation into his campaign’s relationship with Russians, an inquiry he says “I respect,” yet considers a “witch hunt.”

Letters to the Editor for May 20

Protest’s scope; Mixed use housing; more

Morrison Park: Yes to re-zone, but dig in first

Monday night, Morrison Park re-zone should get city council okay.

Another Voice: Mexico: my thoughts and personal experiences

For a bit of background, I have been living in Mexico seasonally for almost 40 years. I just returned from four months in Mexico and because of the political environment and some moves and statements made by our new president, I feel compelled to state my truth from personal experience. This is not “fake news.”

Letters to the Editor for May 17

In Tree City; Travesty of justice; more

The story so far: on schedule in ‘12 novels in 12 months’

"How much easier it is to move many than to move the few.”

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Lyme Disease advisory: Check your dog, check yourself

It has been 42 years since a few doctors from Yale visited Lyme, Conn., to examine 60 children who were suffering oddly with joint pain, only to coin a name for an apparently new illness called “Lyme arthritis” (although the bacterium has been around for at least a thousand years).

Letters to the Editor for May 13

No to NORCOR; Please vote; Staggered; more

Letters to the Editor for May 10

Our planet’s health is threatened, Re: ‘Complete Hoax’, Not serving people, more

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Not just in the schools: coalition joins campaign

National Prevention Week

From May 14-20, we will celebrate National Prevention Week, an annual health observance dedicated to increasing public awareness of, and action around, substance abuse and mental health issues. It is a nationwide event and communities and coalitions all around the country participate.

Letters to the Editor for May 6

Russo, Truax for schools; Vote for Everitt; Keep kids safe; more

Letters to the Editor for May 3

Musical excellence; Simplify blame; more

Mental Health Awareness Month: ‘I commit to educating myself and my peers’

In recognition of May being Mental Health Awareness Month, I am requesting every reader to take this pledge to heart and share it most liberally: