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July 4: Making a successful parade better

Parade coordinator Tom Yates and his crew of Lion volunteers have done it again: the July 4 parade and Jackson Park festivities were a success, and a well-attended one. These events cannot happen without the help of volunteers, and the team really came through this year. What follows are a few comments on the event, and three suggestions for further improvement.

Letters to the Editor for July 5

Science has critical role; History repeated

Another Voice: In the GOP health care bill, Oregon’s kids lose

We’ve been hearing a lot about winners and losers these days. Yet, even as our kids on the baseball or soccer fields may be winning trophies, they are in imminent danger of losing something much more important.

Letters to the Editor for July 1

Fatal Kiss?; Waterfront gone; more

Another Voice: ‘Right thing to do’: the time has come to enact universal health care

Last year the CEO of United Health Care received $14 million in compensation, which is roughly $56,000 a day.

Letters to the Editor for June 28

Letters to the Editor for June 28.

Math in a Basket: a second grade teacher sees the connections

A second grade teacher sees the connections in a column by Sophie Whitehead.

Letters to the Editor for June 24

Letters to the Editor for June 24

Hang up and walk: Distracted pedestrians are on the rise

While countless campaigns urge distracted motorists to “hang up and drive,” a new poll from Public Employees Mutual Insurance Company (PEMCO) Insurance shows smartphone wielding pedestrians pose an increasing threat on streets and sidewalks, and a majority of Northwest drivers aren’t happy about it.

Letters to the Editor for June 21

Confused local; Not ‘clever’; more

Another Voice: New legislation is win-win for community college students

Even though most of the headlines about the 2017 legislative session have been dominated by the budget discussion, I’m very proud to highlight a piece of policy work that I’ve been actively involved with over the last few months. This legislation will have lasting benefits for Oregon students and once again establish Oregon as an example of increasing access and affordability to higher education.

Letters to the Editor for June 17

The Behemoth; Artists’ opportunity; We are all human; more

Letters to the Editor for June 14

Fairness for all; Reconsider rezone; Consider FireMed; more

Another Voice: Mayor on the Westside Concept Plan: ‘the future will be denser’

A lot of questions are being asked about the westside planning process which is currently underway. I think it is important for everyone to understand what is going on; this is an important discussion about the future of our city.

Why we do this: ‘A dose of peace and Corgi love’

Another voice

This past weekend was a weekend of moments — rife with equal parts tears and fears versus incredible experiences of love and catharsis.