Letters to the Editor for Feb. 4

Tragic; Proud; ‘Mess’ response; more

Letters to the Editor for Feb. 1

Reason for success; Time’s up; Inclusion vs. sanctuary; more

Another Voice: Morrison Park rezone violates city law

Morrison Park, an existing city park zoned as Open Space, is an undeveloped jewel right in the middle of town that sits just north of Wasco and 20th streets. It is over five acres of undeveloped oak and pine woodland, a haven for wildlife, birds, and deer that use it as a corridor to get to the river under the freeway.

Letters to the editor for Jan. 28

Work begins at home; All bets are off; more

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ROUNDTABLE: Rally participants show support

“We’ve got your back.”

Another Voice: What happened to normal?

When will our weather get back to normal? All this snow, all this freezing rain and ice, all these record breaking days of below freezing weather.

Letters to the Editor for Jan. 25

Who can’t let it go?, Congressman, be clear, more

Letters to the editor for Jan. 21

Shoveling Samaritan; Two-way street; more

Red Cross: Winter weather causes harmful shortage of needed blood supply

Shortages of tire chains or sidewalk ice melt are only part of the trying impacts of prolonged winter weather.

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Editor’s Notebook: Let’s hold a confab to sorta break the ice

NEWS ITEM: “The Coast Guard Cutter Polar Star arrived at the National Science Foundation’s McMurdo Station Tuesday after cutting a resupply channel through more than 60 miles of Antarctic ice. The Polar Star is America’s only operational heavy icebreaker that is capable of conducting the Antarctic resupply mission ...”

Letters to the Editor for Jan. 18

Walden unresponsive; Snow good; more

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Dedicated Delivery: In this tough winter, let your carrier know you care

Thank you for the continued dedication of our newspaper delivery crew.

Letters to the Editor for Jan. 14

‘Kudos’; Walden disappoints; more

Letters to the Editor for Jan. 11

‘Sacred’; No ‘pay to play’; more