ANOTHER VOICE: Research supports school librarians’ positive impact on student learning

Changes in Oregon law and other trends point to the necessity of licensed school librarians and their positive impact on student learning.

Letters to the Editor for June 7

Unhinged; Nice will be missed; Safer energy boost needed

aka Independence Day: Anyone can help in the celebration

Graduation’s past, school’s about to let out, what’s next?

Round Table: Parking at space 56, on track toward year ‘26

The walk gets longer, and finally I am at the top of the lot.

Letters to the Editor for June 4

Balloon ride; Integrity preserved; Why not Memorial Day?

Young Voices: A welcome home: The end of a year abroad

In the beginning of the spring of 2013, I was told by my organization, EF, that my future exchange year’s destination had been decided. After years of preparations, it seemed like the endless paperwork finally paid off. I was randomly picked to spend my year abroad in Dundee, Minn., a place with as few as 68 inhabitants.

Good Luck, Class of ‘14

Several versions of a video to Pharrell’s hit song, “Happy,” helped define the 2013-14 school year at Hood River Valley High School.

ANOTHER VOICE: The many hands helping child through school

Dear Hood River County School District and Hood River County School Board: We are all aware of the difficult choices you face: budget cuts, boundary decisions, personnel issues, student conduct, and countless other details that you receive little or no thanks for. I would like to take a few moments to congratulate and thank you!

Letters to the Editor for May 31

Coal not a wise choice; Equality victory

Welcome, Hood2River: A big day, from snow to sand

There’s a big event this weekend that’s all downhill — in a good way.

ROUND TABLE: It’s tough to leave the Class of 2014 behind

Life flies by. I remember joining Horizon Christian School in 2009 like it was only a week ago. I remember playing golf for the first time in eighth grade and swinging a baseball bat for the first time my sophomore year

Letters to the Editor for May 28

One vote; Cheap shot; Need counterpoint; more

Safety blitz: Let enforcement raise our awareness

We all know what to do.

Letters to the Editor for May 24

Solutions for all interests; Getting married, someday; Walden thanks; Remember

Before Memorial Day

The observance before us on Monday is many things to many people: a day off, a break from school, a point on the calendar. For many more, it is a solemn day of dedication.