Fair Time: Look for the soul of the fair

All roads lead to the fair this week.

State of the City: Health of Hood River requires ‘world class planning’

Arthur Babitz presented his final State of the City Address to Hood River Rotary on July 17. It is edited slightly for space reasons.

Letters to the editor for July 19

Re-think venues; Keep calm; Spay feral cats; Old menu meets new

Give Blood

During the summer, blood donations typically drop off dramatically as donors go on vacation and schools close, but the need for blood never takes a holiday.

ANOTHER VOICE: The 1993 birth of the Hood River Port Event Site

Percy Jensen of Hood River served as Port Commissioner from 1973-1993. He recently wrote this short history of how the Event Site came to be built and developed into the centerpiece of the windsurfing culture in the Gorge.

Letters to the Editor June 15, 2014

Rotaries needed, Farrell for judge, keep dogs indoors, Thomsen serves well

Editorial -- It’s hot: Stay cool, stay hydrated, and stay informed

Three-digit temperatures are on the horizon. Health districts and Centers for Disease Control are reminding people to take precautions to avoid heat-related illnesses, such as heat cramps, heat stroke and heat exhaustion.

Mystery of Mary Ann Miller

In the summer of 1921, an incident occurred in the Hood River valley which attracted attention. The incident made the front page of the Hood River News, the Portland Oregonian and a Boise Idaho newspaper.

Letters to the Editor for June 12, 2014

Judges back Ostrye, Boat basin battle even more ironic, No need for 'mood ring' on waterfront, Recycle batteries, 'Urinetown' a treat, Rights v. Views, Impact of WWI on middle east

Letters to the editor for July 9

VA vexation; Waterfront irony

ANOTHER VOICE: Fans of fireworks can still say ‘thank you’ for the July 4 show

Another great 4th of July Fireworks celebration at the port and the cheers still rings in our ears after we clean up the site the morning after!

Public Service: Elected office and planning commission offer opportunities

The long days of early summer might be a time to sit on the deck and ponder such things as the sunset, the price of gasoline, your vacation plans, or the MLB All-Star roster.

Danger Zones: Motorists, pedestrians beware

13th and Taylor streets, on the Heights

Steep hills, narrow streets, and prolific foliage help give Hood River its beauty and character.

Letters to the Editor for July 5

List new laws; Pressure problems; ‘Wrong again’

Safe 4th: Fireworks rules of engagement

Conditions are dry and getting drier, and local fire officials are girding for action over the July 4 weekend.