Letters to the Editor for June 4

Balloon ride; Integrity preserved; Why not Memorial Day?

Young Voices: A welcome home: The end of a year abroad

In the beginning of the spring of 2013, I was told by my organization, EF, that my future exchange year’s destination had been decided. After years of preparations, it seemed like the endless paperwork finally paid off. I was randomly picked to spend my year abroad in Dundee, Minn., a place with as few as 68 inhabitants.

Good Luck, Class of ‘14

Several versions of a video to Pharrell’s hit song, “Happy,” helped define the 2013-14 school year at Hood River Valley High School.

ANOTHER VOICE: The many hands helping child through school

Dear Hood River County School District and Hood River County School Board: We are all aware of the difficult choices you face: budget cuts, boundary decisions, personnel issues, student conduct, and countless other details that you receive little or no thanks for. I would like to take a few moments to congratulate and thank you!

Letters to the Editor for May 31

Coal not a wise choice; Equality victory

Welcome, Hood2River: A big day, from snow to sand

There’s a big event this weekend that’s all downhill — in a good way.

ROUND TABLE: It’s tough to leave the Class of 2014 behind

Life flies by. I remember joining Horizon Christian School in 2009 like it was only a week ago. I remember playing golf for the first time in eighth grade and swinging a baseball bat for the first time my sophomore year

Letters to the Editor for May 28

One vote; Cheap shot; Need counterpoint; more

Safety blitz: Let enforcement raise our awareness

We all know what to do.

Letters to the Editor for May 24

Solutions for all interests; Getting married, someday; Walden thanks; Remember

Before Memorial Day

The observance before us on Monday is many things to many people: a day off, a break from school, a point on the calendar. For many more, it is a solemn day of dedication.

Morrow Pacific: environmentally responsible

Mary Abrams, director of Oregon DSL, stated in an interview with Rob Davis of Oregon Live “I have a real alliance with the people in rural Oregon. I’m very proud to come from a very small town in Morrow County. I also believe — and I think people who live and work in rural Oregon — have their own environmental consciousness. They believe there are ways to make economic development and good environmental choices at the same time. That’s what I always look for …”

Letters to the Editor for May 21

Party shifts; Many hands; Hood River Double standards; more

Letters to the Editor for May 17

Check the oil; Where to place blame; Meet Stephanie Nystrom; more

Stewardship in forestry: Time to create defensible space

May is Oregon Wildfire Awareness Month and each week will be dedicated to a different topic. This week is focused on creating defensible space around your home.