Hood River housing options are out of reach

The cost of renting or buying a home is increasingly out of reach for all of us. Our housing affordability challenge puts us at risk of losing what has made the Gorge, and our diverse hometowns, a wonderful place to live, work and play.

Another View: Diverse local economy depends upon housing availability to all workers

An incredibly important discussion is happening in Hood River city hall right now. Hiding behind the dry name “Buildable Lands Inventory and Housing Needs Analysis” is a study which raises fundamental questions about what kind of community we will have in coming decades. The report looks at the cost and availability of housing for our growing city over the next 20 years, and the picture it paints isn’t pretty.

Letters to the Editor for Aug. 5

Imagine this; Size doesn’t matter?; more

Events Cited: Lila May’s party, amphitheater events are strong evidence of community

Two weekend community events deserve highlighting for their local and regional significance.

Letters to the Editor for Aug. 1

Class size thoughts; Call to leaders; ‘Good work’

Red Flag: Clear message in fire’s haze

What we saw hanging in the air around us Friday puts a twist on the old saying: “There’s smoke, where’s the fire?”

Editor's Notebook: Steee-rike one for technology! Ump-o-tron is at the plate

It’s a great thing when you see the connection between two apparently unconnected news items you read in the newspaper. (That kind of serendipity just doesn’t happen as well when you read online, can’t explain why.)

Letters to the Editor for July 29

Good ol’ days; ‘Sad sight’; more

Era’s End: Thanks, Dollie and Lynn Rasmussen

Estate sales are always bittersweet things, and in its own unique way that is certainly the case with the one at landmark Rasmussen Farms.

Editor's Notebook: Softball season now over, savoring a sweet slice of summertime

Church League softball ended another season last week.

Letters to the Editor for July 25

Support food labeling; ‘Yes, he ran’

Flags Lowered: Chattanooga shooting victims

At the request of President Obama, Governor Kate Brown, on July 21, ordered flags lowered to half-staff at all public institutions until sunset on Saturday, July 25 in honor of the victims of the Chattanooga shootings.

Got News? How to get your item into the newspaper

It’s easy to submit your news item to the Hood River News.

Letters to the Editor for July 22

Pet reminder; Honor Roll; Do part

ANOTHER VOICE: Ombudsmen needed to advocate for residents of care facilities

Bear with me a bit as we take a look at how it would be to be confined to a small room.