EDITOR’S NOTEBOOK: Tumbling 10th grader takes down teachers in true test of twisters

A Sunday cartoon resonated with me, following a fun event on Friday night.

Letters to the Editor for Feb. 28

It goes both ways; Boiling Frogs; Increase oil train reporting; more

Filing Time: March 19 deadline nears to enlist for Special Districts ballot

Stan Benson of Hood River quietly exited the Hood River County Planning Commission this week after 25 years of service. Benson deserves thanks for a quarter-century of service in what is largely a thankless role.

Youths Matter: Keeping kids safe, and sustained, includes showing them support

Keeping kids safe is the basic goal with our annual “Just Say No!/Soli Di No” special section in this edition.

Letters to the Editor for Feb. 25

An interesting notion; Shades of chicanery; more

YOUNG VOICES: Is the media killing our confidence?

From the time we are born, even before understanding what we are seeing, we are hit with a barrage of unrealistic and unattainable images. This is what is bred into our psyche in the media world we live in today.

Young Voices: HRVHS junior Payton Rigert starts as intern at the News

My name is Payton Rigert. I am a junior at Hood River Valley High School and currently participating in an internship at the Hood River News.

Letters to the Editor for Feb. 21

Obamacare reality; Got books?; Profits rule; more

Spring Election: Ballot filing deadline approaches

John Kitzhaber has cleared out his desk and Gov. Kate Brown faces the tough challenge of picking up the pieces, rebuilding faith and fostering legislation. She’s as able as any public servant in the state and all Oregonians should wish her the best in a time when the state needs steady leadership.

ANOTHER VOICE: Parent and teacher despairs over ‘out of control’ standardized tests

Mandated standardized state testing is now officially out of control.

Letters to the Editor for Feb. 18

See ‘Full Monty’; Nestle clarification; Thankful for vaccines; 100 percent immunity

Governor’s Exit: Kitzhaber served well, but now serves by ending the distraction – for now

The circumstances surrounding Oregon Gov. John Kitzhaber’s decision to leave office today remain cloudy at best, but the governor made the right move. Kitzhaber was simply a distraction at a time when state lawmakers need focus.

ANOTHER VOICE: Assessing a new opportunity for improving Oregon education

As Chief Education Officer, one of my roles is to listen to feedback about what is working well and where there are opportunities to improve our systems to better support students. One of the concerns often voiced as I travel across the state is about over-testing.

Letters to the Editor for Feb. 14

Oil train concerns; Appreciation for ‘Props’; Bumper sticker humor

Tide Out: Kitzhaber’s shell game must stop

By now, the wave building toward the Salem beach has probably crashed.