Another Voice: ID cards part of ‘safe and supportive community’

Gorge Ecumenical Ministries weigh in on a photo ID proposal.

Another Voice: Dreamers: why tear families apart when it is destructive and not needed?

Over the past 25 years; while working at The Next Door, I visited families with new babies.

Editor's Notebook: Counteract Trump’s crass attacks on our body politic

With every New Year’s greeting, we were fooling ourselves.

Dear Readers: Thanks for Writing

2017 Letters

Note: An asterisk (*) denotes those who co-signed letters.

Thanks for writing

This was not an average year for letters to the editor.

Carrying ‘Carol’

A moral fable and one of the world’s most enduring ghost stories, one known best as novel, started as a series of tales told around coal fires. “A Christmas Carol,” known the world over for its entertaining and moving account of Ebenezer Scrooge, began as a serial, author Charles Dickens reading to London audiences. True power and impact originates with small groups of people gathered together. Dickens’ landmark, so beloved “at this time of the rolling year,” grew from such places.

Off the Rails: Protest oil train regulation rollback

Gorge residents should be outraged at a decision by the federal government that puts us all in danger.

Good Cheer: Small adjustments keep help flowing

Flags Lowered: Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day

The holiday “gusher” that erupted at the Dec. 1 Hood River tree lighting ceremony might serve as a metaphor.

Editor's Notebook: A modest, six-figure solution to NCAA coaching salary excess

Willie walks out, opportunity walks in.

Local Lure: This holiday, help your community by spending close to home

In the 2011, book “Visit From the Good Squad,” writer Jennifer Egan envisions a future when social media and other cultural interactions and behavior mean certain words and phrases, including friend, change, and identity, become “word husks” — “words that no longer have meaning in English outside of quotation marks, drained of life by their web usage.”

On Letters: Keep them coming

As part of our year-end coverage, in a few weeks the Hood River News will reprise the annual list of names of people who wrote in 2017 to “Our Readers Write.”

Flags Lowered: Victims in Southerland Springs

Governor Kate Brown on Monday ordered all flags at Oregon public institutions to be flown at half-staff immediately until sunset Nov. 9 in honor of the victims of the Southerland Springs shooting.

Trail Teams: The value of the rescuers

Recreational rescue is a year-found avocation.

State Treasurer: ‘Misguided’ tax reform plan harms programs, benefits super-rich

State Treasurer Tobias Read on Thursday issued a press release sharply criticizing the newly unveiled blueprint for a massive federal tax cut saying it would largely benefit the super-rich, while putting at risk key projects that benefit working families.