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Wonderful Day: Recent radio play brings a new meaning to an Old Christmas classic

Hundreds of people heard a new Christmas song this season.

Round Table: ‘I just wish Ricky Ricardo had lived to see the day’

The ridiculous met the sublime last week in international matters.

Free parking?

It’s a reality, and a good thing for everyone this holiday season

What do you mean, free parking?

Project Help: Christmas Project can use help as it reaches the home stretch

Roughly one in five children in Oregon is part of a family that is at or below the poverty line.

Neon golf?

It’s just one fun community event to enjoy in and around Hood River

Several unique opportunities for community are found this week.

ANOTHER VOICE: Toxic fish in the Columbia River? Take a second look

On Sept. 30, The Hood River News published a Columbia Riverkeeper press release summarizing a three-year study of chemical contamination in eight species (10 samples) of Columbia Basin fish.

Round Table: On the drive from college, not just another roadside attraction

I think there’s a connection between the fact that I learned you can see snow-capped peaks from Eugene on Sunday and a phone hang-up I got on Monday.

On Letters: Keep them coming, keep them shorter

At the end of this month we will publish our annual list of all the people who have written letters to “Our Readers Write” in the past year.

Two meetings: College board should take comments

Two public meetings on vital topics happen on Tuesday.

Food needed: Now is the time to give to FISH

Our occasional “Meals with Meaning” features have lately given us the chance to inform the community of a number of community service efforts based on or around food.

Neighborly: Meadows deserves credit for decision

Mid-November, when most of us “think snow,” is a time of hope and anticipation of that return to hill, and the exhilaration and camaraderie of skiing and snowboarding on the slopes and trails of Mt. Hood and environs.

Rolling with a punch: Snowstorm didn’t hit as hard as the next one likely will

Did the snow step into our ring and act like a sparring partner?

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Thank You, Veterans

The tolling of the bell served as a fitting start to Tuesday’s Veterans Day service at Anderson Tribute Center. Boy Scout Emilio Castenada rang a bell 11 times — for the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th Month, when the Armistice of World War I was signed — that moment that stands for the honor we give to all who have paid the ultimate sacrifice.

Ski parking: Meadows should explore all options

As the county’s largest employer, Mt. Hood Meadows is right to be looking for ways to meet its overall needs, serve its employees and clients alike.

Christmas Project: Never too early to help

This is the post-Halloween zone when plans are made for Thanksgiving and even Christmas holidays. But some folks won’t have much for the holidays. The Hood River community has always stepped up to fill the gap through the giving campaign known as Hood River Christmas Project.