Another Voice: Yes on Measure 101: Supporting my patients, neighbors, and community

I’m a physician in Hood River. My business and passion is taking care of my patients — all ages, all incomes, large and small medical needs, acute and chronic, physical and mental, from preventive to end-of-life. I don’t have the chops or inclination to be a journalist, but those same patients and neighbors often need policy advocacy to ensure even basic access to medical care. So, on their behalf, let me explain why I, and the vast majority of Oregon’s medical community, want to make sure Measure 101 gets passed this month.

More bottles, cans now have a refund value

The list of beverage containers having a 10 cent refund value is increasing, and that is a good thing for three local non-profits which use the refund money for community activities.

Superintendent sends ‘proud’ mid-year message to staff

I hope you are all enjoying the holiday break and plan to ring in the New Year tonight with the people you love.

Another Voice: ‘Stop placing profits ahead of safety’ on railroads

In the wake of Amtrak 501’s derailment earlier this week, we are once again reminded of the importance of incorporating modern technology to drastically improve outcome and, in some cases, prevent derailment altogether. Mosier Mayor Arlene Burns submitted this Another Voice, and mayors and council members from six other Oregon and Washington cities signed it.

Do you know the right way to get out of the way?

SEATTLE – Seemingly out of nowhere, flashing lights and wailing sirens appear behind you. Or, you’re about to pass an emergency vehicle pulled over on the side of the road.

Gorge Happiness Month: Mandy Kurfurst uses ‘The Daily Three’ to center herself

Mandy Kurfurst is a human resources generalist with One Community Health, sponsor of Gorge Happiness Month. On the job for 18 months, she’s felt plenty of need to observe the program’s tenets and the Daily Three.

Hood River Bridge replacement: Understanding the WHATs

Replacing the Hood River/White Salmon Interstate Bridge, spanning a federal waterway, connecting two states, and likely costing over $250 million is a complex and risky undertaking. Recent letters to the editor reflect the understandable desire to replace the bridge, and do it quickly. The port shares this objective.

Happiness Month profile: Slowing down with ‘The Daily Three’

Stress is no stranger to Caitlin Alcott, a young mother with a 3-year-old son and 5-week-old daughter. In her “other life,” as she puts it, she is a hydrologist, or river scientist, doing work in salmon habitat restoration.

Gorge Happiness Month: ‘Forced’ at first, one man finds the Daily Three ‘worth the effort’

Bandwidth is commonly an issue for John Roberts. As Hood River County’s community development director, the dad of our two children — plus a new puppy — and a volunteer for a number of local organizations, he’s pretty busy (as most of us are).

Happiness Month: Gratitudes and government: putting ‘100 percent love’ to work

Politics and city management can boil anyone’s tea kettle over. For Mosier Mayor Arlene Burns, it’s more about creating an environment in which you truly want to live

‘Every, every minute’: lessons from wearing the Happiness Lens

It’s 1963, and I’m in Mrs. Fridley’s first grade class in Salsipuedes Elementary School in Watsonville, Calif. I’ve been handed a thin piece of 8 1/2 by 11 pulpy muddy-white paper, set on a landscape view, the top half empty for a drawing, the bottom half set with wide pale blue lines.

Another Voice: County Energy Plan demonstrates leadership and resilience

Hood River County has a long-standing history of investing in energy efficiency and renewable energy — as a means to reduce energy costs, hedge our bets against rising energy costs, and increase our community’s resilience to warming temperatures and natural disasters, both natural and human caused.

Another Voice: Grad Student Tax hinders diversity and innovation of higher education

Growing up, I was obsessed with choose-your-own-adventure books. I loved the ability to see how different decisions led you down completely separate paths that sometimes, but not always, met up again.

Another Voice: To invest in a strong country, invest in clean energy jobs

On Veteran’s Day, let’s honor our veterans by taking steps to strengthen and protect our country. As a former captain in the United States Army, I consider the most compelling argument for renewable energy to be homeland security. The Department of Homeland Security says, “Without a stable energy supply, health and welfare are threatened, and the U.S. economy cannot function.”

Gorge Community Foundation: Community groups should focus on the importance of thinking long-term

We are so lucky to call the awe-inspiring Columbia River Gorge home — a special place renowned for its natural beauty, diverse heritage, and, of course, the wonderful people who live and work here.