Tips for saving money on ‘back to school’ needs

Back-to-school spending is cutting more deeply into family budgets than ever before. In fact, the National Retail Foundation expects parents to shell out $83.6 billion this year to send their children and college students back to school, an increase of 10 percent over last year.

Another Voice: The Oregon PERS debt time bomb

Taxpayer-funded pension systems are combustible by nature, but Oregon’s ticking time bomb known as PERS is on the brink of exploding.

Another Voice: Americans need to stop treating each other like the enemy

As we venture deeper into the new realities of a Donald Trump presidency, many people across this great country are still feeling anger and resentment toward one another in the wake of a very messy and tumultuous 2016 election. Rather than seeing past their political differences, a growing number of Americans have chosen to stop speaking with friends and even family members, all because of whom they voted for.

Another Voice: The best path forward — Fixing, not replacing, the ACA

Please try this exercise: Go find the chair in your house with a loose joint that makes it wiggle a little. Everyone has at least one, right? Next step … find the wobbliest leg and use a saw to cut it off. Now sit back down in the chair.

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End the cruel and dangerous practice of leaving pets in hot cars

I feel so blessed to live in a place where people love their animals!

Bridge steps: Legislation puts replacement within reach

The Oregon Legislature recently passed two pieces of legislation that increase the prospects for replacement of the Hood River/White Salmon Interstate Bridge.

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Another Voice: Juntos program ‘critical to success of students in their education’

Throughout the entirety of this year, I have had the opportunity to take in the Juntos program.

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Another Voice: Preserve our agricultural heritage by making Tanner Ranch a park

I am a visual artist and a community college instructor. I moved to Hood River for its natural beauty and small-town life style. I am concerned that this push to up-zone and increase the housing density will destroy the very reason we live here.

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For the dying and their families, the comfort of quilts

The Comfort Quilt Project is now underway by the Spiritual Care Department at Providence Hood River Memorial Hospital. Mirroring the Passage Quilt Project begun at Providence Portland Medical Center some years ago, this ministry gifts patients nearing the end of their life with a comfort quilt.

Another Voice: Hood River planning: don’t leave folks on the other side of the gate

Thank you, Hood River officials, for your planning efforts and your intelligence as you hear from residents and work through the diverse concerns and questions that have arisen around the Westside Plan. It is not easy work, and I greatly appreciate you for doing it.

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Another Voice: The ‘recluse representative’: Repeal and replace Greg Walden

Representative Greg Walden has left Oregon’s District 2 and become a citizen of Washington, D.C. We are stunned by his lack of responsiveness to his constituents — not only his Democratic and Independent constituents, but his Republican supporters as well.

Another Voice: In the GOP health care bill, Oregon’s kids lose

We’ve been hearing a lot about winners and losers these days. Yet, even as our kids on the baseball or soccer fields may be winning trophies, they are in imminent danger of losing something much more important.

Another Voice: New legislation is win-win for community college students

Even though most of the headlines about the 2017 legislative session have been dominated by the budget discussion, I’m very proud to highlight a piece of policy work that I’ve been actively involved with over the last few months. This legislation will have lasting benefits for Oregon students and once again establish Oregon as an example of increasing access and affordability to higher education.

Another Voice: Mayor on the Westside Concept Plan: ‘the future will be denser’

A lot of questions are being asked about the westside planning process which is currently underway. I think it is important for everyone to understand what is going on; this is an important discussion about the future of our city.

Why we do this: ‘A dose of peace and Corgi love’

Another voice

This past weekend was a weekend of moments — rife with equal parts tears and fears versus incredible experiences of love and catharsis.