Entertainment Update for Jan. 10 edition

Mel Brown Septet with the Gorge Jazz Collective; Chihuahua Desert at The Pines; more

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Yesteryears: Energy experts predicting higher gas prices in 2008

Energy experts are predicting the cost for a gallon of regular gasoline could climb as high as $3.80 per gallon by summer — and raise the price of food and other goods even more.

Cascade Observations: Finding home

I’ve lived in the same house, with the same wonderful partner, for over 30 years. Our house isn’t big, or fancy, or elegantly decorated, but it’s our home, filled with comfort and love, and on a cold, grey day it’s a wonderful, cozy place to be. Curling up with a book on such a day is a treat.

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HR Library offers ‘Bullet journal’ workshop Jan. 6

Visit the Hood River Library on Jan. 6 at 3:30 p.m. for an informal bullet journal workshop designed to help participants to get more organized.

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Yesteryears: New city snow plow put to work in 1928

The new city snow plow, recently purchased from the Coulter Motor Co., was put to work Saturday afternoon and in a few hours had piled the six inch blanket of snow in the center of the business streets of the city.

Thanks to Meadows for new shuttle bus service

Mt. Hood Meadows is running, for the first time, a free shuttle service from Hood River’s Event Site to the resort south of Parkdale. Hood River parent Ian Martin writes:

Enrapt for the raptors

The Dalles Dam Visitor center is a prime wildlife viewing location

The Dalles Dam Visitor Center is a prime place to learn about raptors and other migratory birds and experience seeing them in the wild, in particular roosting bald eagles.

Entertainment Update for Jan. 3 edition

‘Ernie Sterno’ at Zim’s Jan. 5; Folk music at Balch Hotel; more

Sports Briefs, Jan. 3 edition

Horizon girls results; Rotary Ski Night

Four to Go, Jan. 3 edition

Lions schedule tree pickup; Warming Shelter plans training sessions; Cascade Housing hosts meeting Jan. 9; and Teacup Nordic hosts events

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The Porch, Dec. 30 edition

WELL SAID: “The old problems — love, money, security, status, health, etc. — are still here to plague us or please us.” — Shelley Berman, 1926-2017

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The Daily Bread: Himalayan Dreams: Listening to a Wild Heart, part 2

Sleep did not come that night. My mind was on fire contemplating and reviewing all the options, pros and cons. If I continued on, there was a high probability of sustaining permanent damage, maybe surgery, and possibly risking my life.

Entertainment Update for Dec. 27

New Year’s Eve Planner, more

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YESTERYEARS: ‘Development’ the theme when looking back at 1987

Often times, a look back through a year’s news will reveal a theme — a thread that seems to tie everything together. That’s the way it has been in Hood River County in 1987, and the theme has been “development.” To be sure, there were many other events — both positive and negative — but the year was just barely underway when new developments started hitting the headlines.

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Happy Ned Year: May we ‘intrarupt’? Imagination and reality duel for yet another year

In 2017, these leavings washed up on the rocky beach of my gust-swept brain.