gorillanosh 3 years, 4 months ago on Another voice: Pie maven asks: Who may we refuse to serve?


In reference to your question... If you operate a business and a livelihood that operates in the public space... it is subject to the public laws. It is not slavery or oppression. You're free to not give cakes away to whoever you want.


I do not think that homosexuality is a federally protected class yet. So pam may have the right to refuse service. I am unfamiliar with the state laws in Oregon however. Privately you can discriminate against anything for any reason. Publicly however... if that is where you wish to take advantage of the environments that society provides for you to run a business to make a living... you cannot trample on the rights of others. It is the social contract you enter into by deciding to continue to live in this nation. . Pam is not encouraging these people to engage in homosexual sex. Pam bakes cakes. Folks are going to do what they are going to do with or without cake. Her objection does nothing to stop them. Hence it is not about stopping them. It is about disdain and judgement... something best left to GOD anyway.


Your point resonates with me however... IF a law is passed that states that Pam must encourage and demand the couple have sex with each other... then i am standing up with you in major protest.


but this is not the case, Pam operates a business in the public space... BAKING CAKES